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Checking Your UK Email

Your or email address is the only way UK and UK Education Abroad will communicate with you while abroad. That means it's your responsibility to check it regularly for important information from UK, our office, or your program provider. We know that sounds a little harsh, but we're serious. We can't even communicate with you through your family, so it's critical that you check your email when you can.

But I'm already gone...

why are you emailing me now?


Our office monitors global events 24/7. If something happens in your city, region, country, or continent, we will most likely reach out to you. And, if asked, it is really important to respond ASAP.

EAP 599

Want to pass? Check your email for updates on assignments and requirements.

University Emails

You'll be busy with your classes while abroad, but you might have to register for classes at UK while you're gone. Don't miss out on the basketball ticket lottery just because you didn't check your email. Or maybe we need updated information from you. Just keep an eye on your emails and things will go pretty smoothly.

Ok I'll check it...

but do you have the right email?

StockSnap Subway

  1. Log onto Studio Abroad (where you applied for your program) and make sure that your primary email listed is the or address, and that the entire email is spelled correctly.
  2. If you forward your account to a personal Google, Outlook, Yahoo, or another email account, it's your responsibility to make sure they're forwarding properly. Reach out to UKIT if you think you might be missing emails from our office or other UK departments.
  3. Check your email. Every day. When you find WiFi, just take a few minutes and refresh your email. It's really that easy.