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Billing Information

Each UK Education Abroad program has its own unique cost and, depending on the program you choose, how you pay for the costs will vary too. Here is some important billing info you should know no matter what type of program you're doing.

How much will I have to pay?

The best place to look for all billing information will be the cost and budget page for the program you applied to.

No matter what program you choose, pay close attention to the cancellation policy! These will be listed on the UK Education Abroad program page or on the host university or provider's website.

How to find your cost and budget page:

  • Find the page for your program using the UK Education Abroad program search.
  • See the "Costs & Scholarships" section at the top? Click that.
  • Scroll down to find the term you want to go abroad and you'll see the budget for it (costs differ based on terms!).
  • Voila!

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Everyone will have to pay a non-refundable $50 application fee and $100 administrative fee. Just a heads up.

How do I pay?

Who and how you pay will depend on your program type. Not sure what your program type is? What are the first few words of your program's title? It might look something like "Faculty-Directed: Architecture Studio in Berlin (Design)." In this case, your program type would be "Faculty-Directed." If you aren't sure, ask us!

Faculty-Directed and Exchanges

You'll be billed through your UK Student Billing Account, just like your regular tuition and other fees. These bills will include any program fees, exchange tuition, EAP 599 tuition, and administrative charges from UK Education Abroad. Reach out to UK Student Account Services or your UK Education Abroad Advisor if you have questions about your bill.

Partner, Direct, and Virtual

You'll be working directly with those organizations or universities to pay for your program. Their charges are not posted to your UK Student Account, BUT you will still get some charges (application fee, administrative fee, EAP 599 tuition, and sometimes travel medical insurance) from UK Education Abroad on your UK Student Account.

When do I pay?

  • Faculty-Directed

    You will be charged a non-refundable deposit shortly after you have been accepted into your program. You will be charged the remainder of the program fees at the start of your program's term.

  • Partner

    You'll usually have to pay their entire program fee well in advance of the program start date. If you want to use scholarships or financial aid, work with your financial aid counselor to complete related verification forms. 

  • Exchanges

    Program fees and tuition will be charged at the same time that you would normally pay your tuition at UK.

  • Direct

    You will either have to pay the program fee after you are accepted or when you arrive on-site.

  • Virtual

    It'll depend on whether your virtual program is run by a program partner (see partner in this list) or an exchange partner (see exchange in this list). 

If you're an undergrad student, you'll also be billed for EAP 599 tuition on your UK Student Account at the start of your program's term.

Questions about your Education Abroad costs?

If you're unsure about any UK Education Abroad charges on your UK Student Account, please let us know! Call our office at 859-257-4067 or send an email to with a description (don't forget a screenshot) and we'll look into the issue. Unfortunately, we can't discuss your student account with anyone other than you (not even your mom), unless you give us written permission via email. If you need someone to talk to us about your account, you have to email us and say so.

If you have a question about charges billed to you by a UK partner organization or overseas university, contact them. If you don't hear back from them, let us know, and we can try to connect you!