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Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Fundraising

Show me the money!

When you're planning for your Education Abroad program, you need to make sure you can pay for it. We know that sounds harsh, but we want to set you up for the least stressful, most rewarding experience possible. There are a ton of ways to pay for a program, and here is some more information on scholarships, financial aid, and fundraising.

Find Your Program Costs

To find your program's estimated costs:

  1. Find the page for your program using the UK Education Abroad program search.
  2. See the "Costs & Scholarships" under the big picture at the top? Click that!
  3. Scroll down the page to find the term you're interested in! (costs can differ based on term!).


Here are some tips to find and apply for scholarships.

Apply for Our Education Abroad Scholarship

There’s a scholarship available for just about every type of for-credit education abroad program you’re considering. The general scholarship deadlines are listed on the application…but beware, some department specific scholarships will have different deadlines.

Apply for Other Education Abroad Scholarships

Along with the UK Education Abroad Scholarship, some colleges and departments at UK have scholarships for education abroad. Some specific programs will also have a scholarship along with it. Exchange and Partner programs usually have scholarships that students can apply for or automatic discounts.

Search and Apply for Other Scholarships

Use the internet to search for more specific types of scholarships and awards that fit you. Did you know the National Potato Council offered $10,000 to a student who was doing research that benefitted the potato industry? Be creative in your scholarship search! It's a play to win type of game, so to get a scholarship, you'll have to put in the time and effort to apply.

There is no limit to the number of scholarships you can receive!

Financial Aid

If you receive financial aid or scholarships to attend UK, you might be able to use that money for your education abroad program. Most financial aid is tied to the fall or spring semester, so be sure to mention when you plan to go abroad. Sadly, our staff members aren't financial aid counselors, so be sure to check with your financial aid counselor to find exactly what you can use.

You'll need to bring your financial aid counselor a copy of your program budget. They'll use that to determine how much money you are able to receive. For UK Partner and UK Consortia programs, you will also need to have your financial aid counselor fill out a form, which is sometimes called a Verification of Award or Financial Aid Award Verification, that proves to your program how much financial aid you'll receive.

When will I receive my scholarship or financial aid?

We know you need to book that flight, but...

Any financial aid or scholarships you receive from our office or the University of Kentucky will be put on your UK Student Account at the beginning of the term that you are going abroad. While this will help cover some costs billed to your UK account, it won't cover anything you need to pay for before departure. 

In many cases, scholarships or financial aid will be like a reimbursement, meaning you pay upfront, and we pay you back (for the amount you're awarded). If you're doing a UK Partner or Consortia program, and have turned in a Verification of Award or Financial Aid Award Verification form, your financial aid money will be released to you when you would normally receive your financial aid or scholarships.


After you've applied to every scholarship you can find, and you've worked with Financial Aid on what they can do, it's time to start fundraising. Here are a few places to start if you want to fundraise to help pay for your program:

  • Family Members
  • Professional and Business Clubs
  • Civic Groups (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions Club, etc)
  • Agencies and Foundations centered on international travel and learning
  • High School Alumni Associations
  • Local and National Greek Organizations
  • Heritage Groups that have interests in specific countries (for example, Japan America Society)
  • Charitable, Ethnic, Religious, and Campus Organizations
If you're thinking, "But what do I say to them?" Check out our Creative Fundraising page for more information.