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Support Systems While Abroad

You're going to have bad days, like days when you realize you really miss American peanut butter. That's ok. Being sad, scared, or frustrated are all very normal emotions to experience during your time abroad. This is why it's important to have a good support system from home and abroad.

Your Support System from Home

Depending on where you're going, you may be in a different time zone than home. This could make it difficult to catch up with friends and family in the States, but don't let that discourage you. Be sure to communicate to them that you'll be on a different schedule than normal, and update them when you can. When you need their support on grumpy or gloomy days; take a little time to reach out to home. Don't just call home when you are having bad days, make sure to also let everyone know the awesome experiences you're having.

You have an amazing opportunity to explore a culture and community that is new to you, so try to use some everyday adventures to help you through!

Your Support System Abroad

Use your time abroad to focus on building new relationships with those at your school, on your program, and your host family.

Use those new relationships as support for your grumpy and gloomy days...especially if you aren't able to call home.


  • It's ok to ask for help.
  • Ask a new friend to go with you to a museum, get coffee, or just hang out.
  • Reach out to site staff or your program director.

A support system with other participants on your program, or even local students, is also helpful because your friends back home might not understand why you're upset about the lack of Coke Zero in Nicaragua, or the frustration of using a language you're still learning. These connections will also be helpful when you return to Lexington and your UK friends get tired of you starting stories with..."Well when I was abroad..."