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Registering for Classes

Each program type has different ways to register for your classes abroad.Some of them can get pretty complicated, but we're here to (hopefully) make things a bit easier on you. This page will be divided up based on program type, so keep scrolling to learn about course enrollment for UK Faculty-Directed, UK Partner, UK Direct, UK Exchange, UK Consortia, and UK Independent programs, as well as online UK courses and withdrawing from international courses. Be sure to reach out to your program provider to get any details you need in order to register on time.


The UK Course of Your Dreams

EAP courses are required for all undergraduate participants, and grad students have the option to opt in.

If you're an undergrad student going abroad, you'll be enrolled in EAP 599. Our office will take care of that during open enrollment for the term that you'll be abroad. If you're going on a UK Exchange program, you'll also be registered for a placeholder course with the EAP prefix that is specific to your exchange program. If you want to learn more about EAP 599, be sure to check out the "EAP 599" topic on the main Academics list.

EAP Course Registration:

  • EAP 599 is a requirement for all undergrads, and grad students can opt into it.
  • You'll need to take care of any holds on your account so that we can enroll you.

UK Faculty-Directed Programs

Course Registration

Along with EAP 599, you'll need to register for the UK course taught by the Faculty Director of your program BEFORE you depart for your program. If the course requires a special permit for you to register for the course, email your academic advisor to get approval to register.

UK Partner, UK Direct, or UK Exchange Programs

Course Registration

We have a staff member who likes to fondly recall her course registration when abroad. She arrived in her host country, had on-site orientation, then was allowed to register for classes - like 2 days before they started. Is that story the same for everyone? Nope, but for some of your friends and family, that story might sound familiar. There are a few different ways that these program types have students register for classes but these are the general options:

The "Wish List and Fingers Crossed" Option

When you apply for your program - you might pre-select what your course wish list is, then the provider or exchange coordinator will try to enroll you in those courses. You'll need backup courses though, as they can't promise all of the courses on your wish list. 

The "I'm not sure so let me try some first..." Option

You might be able to test out classes before enrolling. Yep, sometimes you can even go to 15 different classes in the first week, decide which ones you like, and then get the faculty member to approve your registration. Voila, you're registered 2 weeks after the term begins!

The "Oh this is what it's like at UK" Option

You apply for a program, and a month or less before it starts, your registration window opens and you register through a portal just like here at UK...but for another institution. 

The "2 Days Before Classes Start" Option

You'll arrive on-site for your program, you'll go through orientation, and during orientation, you'll enroll for courses...just before the term starts. Hopefully the bookstore has all your books!

A special note for Exchange Students...

You won't be able to register for your specific courses until you arrive at your host institution. And, sadly, not all courses are open to exchange students.

UK Consortia Programs

Course Registration

If you're going on a UK Consortia program, you'll be required to select your courses either during the application process or immediately after you're accepted to the program. The people in charge of your program will register you for those courses with the School of Record. A School of Record, by the way, is just a school/university that backs up the program and says "Yeah, these are real classes and we'll give credit for them."

If you're going on a CCSA program taught by a UK faculty member, you'll be registered for a UK course and not for a course through the School of Record.

UK Independent Study and Research, Internship, or Service Learning Programs

Course Registration

If you're going on a program that does not provide a transcript, you will need to enroll in a UK departmental course (usually independent study credit) or EXP 396. These classes can range in the number of credit hours (usually 3-6 hours) and are graded on a pass/fail basis.

UK Department Course

For a UK Department Course, you'll need to work with the Department Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies, or Director of Graduate Studies to figure out who can be your faculty sponsor for the independent study credit. You'll need to meet with the faculty member to create a learning contract before being allowed to enroll in the course. Normally your advisor will be able to help with course enrollment. It may seem like a big task to ask any of those people for help on this, but it'll be worth it in the end. If you're worried or need some tips, ask your UK Education Abroad Advisor for help!

EXP 396

For EXP 396, you'll need to work with the Stuckert Career Center and then find a faculty member who will be your faculty sponsor and will create a learning contract with you. Once you turn in a completed learning contract, the Career Center will enroll you in the EXP 396 course. We know approaching a faculty member about something like this could be hard. If you have questions on how to approach them, ask the Career Center for some tips and tricks.

Some Final Registration Things...

  • Online UK Courses

    You can take an online UK course while you are abroad, but you'll have to pay full tuition costs for the course and no online course will count towards your full-time course load requirement from the program or host institution.

  • Withdrawing from Courses Abroad

    If you want to withdraw from a course while you're abroad, make sure you'll be able to maintain a full-time status or at least the minimum course load required if you are participating in a summer program. Follow the program or host institution's withdrawal procedures and deadlines.

Each country does things differently, and course registration may be one of your first peaks into how another country is different from the U.S.

Embrace it! Ask questions!

You won't always know how to do something or where to go. Go ahead and ask politely. This is one of those soft skills you can check off of your list of new experiences. Ask questions and thrive!